July 14, 2017


Sorry, guys.  I've been a little busy lately, having a baby and all! 😂  Baby Nolan is 2 months old now!  Hannah is a great big sister and everything is finally settling down.

Big sister Hannah and baby Nolan

It was a very weird school year for me.  I ended up being put on "modified bedrest" in February and actual bedrest in April before Nolan was born in May.  He's such a great baby!  He is very calm and content, which is perfect because his sister is not!

I went back to school on the last day and it was hard to walk into my classroom with my kids and not be their teacher.  Bittersweet, would have been the best word.  The time I got to spend with my babies (and am still spending) is some of the happiest times I've ever had.  But man, I missed those kids.

Giving up control is apparently really hard for me, and it's not something I realized until I had to give up all the control of my classroom and hand it to someone else.  You pour your heart, soul, tears, and countless hours into the running of your classroom only to give it all up!

I love, love, love this time I get to spend with my babies.  But I'd be flat out lying if I said that I'm not itching to get back in the classroom.

January 14, 2017

Creating Kindness!

It's about this time of the year every year that my kids are getting a little too familiar with each other. They're finding it harder and harder to be polite, and are snipping at each other more and more.  Honeymoon is WAY over, right?

My school doesn't have a character education program, and I know that it would be beneficial to our school.  So I've decided to start making my own!  My first part of the program is a trait that my kiddos desperately need to practice: kindness!

Check it out HERE!

This program is meant to be 4 weeks long, and focuses on a different aspect of kindness each week.  Each week is also centered around a book that teaches kindness in different ways.  I really wanted to show kids that there are more ways to be kind than just the normal please and thank you manners.  Kindness goes a lot deeper than that!  I wanted my kids to think of being kind in easy and new ways.  

We're two weeks in and I've already noticed a change in my kiddos.  They are much more focused on kindness.  They point out kind acts when they see them, and are more likely to perform kind acts without being told to.  

This is one of the activities that we worked on independently.  I loved that she drew pictures of examples of kindness and unkindness!  It made me smile, because this is one of my friends that sometimes struggles with kindness! 

How do you promote kindness in your classroom?

January 4, 2017

Baby on the way!

The title says it all!  My husband and I are expected a baby at the end of May!  So, I haven't been the best at updating my blog, despite the best of intentions.  I have a really good excuse, I promise.  Here's my excuse...Pregnancy is hard.  Being pregnant and chasing a toddler is hard!  Being pregnant, chasing a toddler, AND teaching all day?!  Safe to say I fall asleep at about 8pm most nights these days.

But look at this handsome man's little face!

I announced to my kiddos about 10 minutes before they got on the bus for Christmas Break.  We did this super cute product from Miss DeCarbo!  It had a great announcement word search and some really great activities for afterward!  My kiddos loved it!

We made a great graph showing our predictions for what baby is going to be.  Most the girls said girl and most of the boys said boy...shocker 😜.

Here's the link to the packet I used!

Any tips on keeping my energy up?  I'm only halfway through, and the hardest half is yet to come!

November 29, 2016

Christmas Break Countdown

Is it just me or did Thanksgiving break fly by?  Maybe it's because we had a shorter break than typical; only four days instead of five.  That's thanks to the state of Michigan, who upped the number of days required by for us. I know it's in my kiddos best interest to be in school more, but jeesh, sometimes it's hard to come back!

I finally got a new item listed in my store.  We use Eureka Math in my school, and I've been really diving into the curriculum in the hopes of understanding it better.  I made another set of centers for module 3, and for whatever reason, it took me FOREVER to get them listed!  Sorry about that!!

They have been totally tested by my kids though, as we just finished module 3, and I can say that my kids LOVED the centers.  Which is always a good feeling!

Check them out here!

November 8, 2016

Election Day!

Woah, two days in a row?!  Better slow down!  Honestly, I've been so focused on tpt projects and, you know, family and stuff that I've been only posting on instagram.  Mainly because its really easy and I can do it on my phone :D All about the shortcuts.  Work smarter not harder, right??

Today was election day and I was pretty proud of myself for doing something cute for my kids.  Cute is not something we normally do.  I teach in a rough inner city school, and "cute" doesn't sit well with most of my kids who would probably mock me to my face if I ever suggested something too "cutesy".  But this was a "cute" activity that our kiddos were excited about.

We've been spending the last week talking about the election.  How it works, who is running, what it all means.  My kids have a pretty good understanding of what to expect when it comes to the election.    Today, my second grade team teachers and I set up a "polling place" where kids had to register to vote, prove identification, and then fill out a ballot.  The entire second grade voted and I must say it went better than expected!

Maybe we'll try some kid of Thanksgiving celebration...maybe :)



November 7, 2016

Report Cards

Well, we've wrapped up our first quarter and are now preparing for Parent Teacher Conferences.  I've been pretty proud of myself this year and have been diligent about putting grades in the gradebook in a timely fashion.  I thought I'd be all set to just input comments and let our online gradebook do its work!


Apparently, the lower el report cards were never created for our school.  Which means that we're stuck making and filling in our own format, and that takes FOREVER.  Sorry, I'm being dramatic, but it will take the better part of the next three nights to finish.  Luckily, I saved our template from last year which is long but very informational.  

Guess I'll have to just sit back, relax, turn on Gilmore Girls on netflix, and type away! :)



September 27, 2016


Hey!  I'm a wife, mom, and second grade teacher from Michigan.  I work at a title I school where free and reduced lunch is above 90%.  Needless to say, sometimes things are rough, but I work with a phenomenal staff and some amazing kids who make it all worth it.  I'll just be posting things that I do in my classroom or resources that I come up with and a link to my store.