November 8, 2016

Election Day!

Woah, two days in a row?!  Better slow down!  Honestly, I've been so focused on tpt projects and, you know, family and stuff that I've been only posting on instagram.  Mainly because its really easy and I can do it on my phone :D All about the shortcuts.  Work smarter not harder, right??

Today was election day and I was pretty proud of myself for doing something cute for my kids.  Cute is not something we normally do.  I teach in a rough inner city school, and "cute" doesn't sit well with most of my kids who would probably mock me to my face if I ever suggested something too "cutesy".  But this was a "cute" activity that our kiddos were excited about.

We've been spending the last week talking about the election.  How it works, who is running, what it all means.  My kids have a pretty good understanding of what to expect when it comes to the election.    Today, my second grade team teachers and I set up a "polling place" where kids had to register to vote, prove identification, and then fill out a ballot.  The entire second grade voted and I must say it went better than expected!

Maybe we'll try some kid of Thanksgiving celebration...maybe :)



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